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About Us

GLOBAL ANIMATION is a small studio in the Midlands UK specialising in 3D CGI animation. Our animations clearly and quickly show how your products or service works, using explainer videos, "walk-thru's", ghosting etc. to clarify complex products and systems, and will engage and captivate your audience, leaving a lasting impression of the high standards of your company.

With a third of internet use now dedicated to video viewing, can you really afford to miss out on this incredible opportunity to promote your company? Animation, as a compelling and memorable means of engaging an audience, is here to stay, and now is the time to get on board.

Using animation gives you limitless scope without the restrictions of the physical world.... it's a world where complex products or procedures can be viewed easily and clearly, in super-photographic quality, to convey an immediate understanding.... a huge bonus for attracting potential customers and great for employee training, wherever in the world your audience may be.

Issues such as political correctness, health and safety, animal rights, dependence on weather or location etc. can all be avoided using neutral virtual assets that sit comfortably with all - you are in complete control of your content.

We also design company "spokescreatures" … animated company mascots …to help you promote your company, products and services in the most engaging and memorable way. We can instil your company corporate image into the minds of potential customers well into the future, while giving them an entertaining and clearly illustrated understanding of the products and services you offer. Please contact us for a quote.

Photo-realistic stills of pre- production prototypes can also be produced before anything is manufactured.

All our animation work is done in-house, giving us complete control over all aspects of production and render quality. Output is tailored for your specific use, including TV broadcast, DVD's, full HD Blu-Ray burning, website use and personal or exhibition presentations.

Our 60 core render farm:


We have vast experience in all aspects of CGI animation production and will guide you through the whole process, from initial brief and storyboard production right through to final completed animation. 
You will be kept in the picture constantly by email and personal contact as production develops.
We can offer a full comprehensive service which we are confident will cater totally for your requirements:

Full professional CGI - modelling, rigging, texture mapping and global illumination
Dynamic Mass Capabilities - hard & soft body colliders and deformers, springs etc. 
Particle Generators - rain, snow, etc. plus gasses, smoke, fog and many other effects
Cloth Dynamics - clothing, flags, banners etc, and other effects
Hair Dynamics - hair, fur, flexible wiring & piping, grass and other effects
Fire & Smoke Simulation - from candle flame to nuclear explosion
Full Fluid Simulation - from small droplet splashes to large oceans. All viscosities from water/thinners to treacle/toothpaste 
Post Production - compositing, special effects, colour correcting and titling etc.
Voice Overs - Professional voice over facility. 
Translation - Translations and sub-titles in any language. 
Artwork & Illustration - packaging artwork including DVD box sleeves and disc labels, along with all associated adverts, sales brochures, posters & instruction manuals if required.

For our artwork dept. see here


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